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Morocco Girls Trip


Dakhla Kitesurfing Girls Camp

As is becoming our tradition… we once again decided this October that it was time for a repeat girls trip in Dakhla! We are now organising two of these trips per year… girls, desert, sunshine, wind, SUP, yoga, and good times… This trip was no exception!


For those of you who don’t know.. Dakhla is in the very south of Morocco, on the border with Mauritania.. an amazing lagoon surrounded by Sahara desert.. its something special. Particularly because of the amazing wind conditions that Dakhla usually offers.


So, with sunshine, wind and great company, all the ingredients were there to prep us for an awesome time!


Dakhla Kitesurfing Girls Camp


Visits to Dakhla town have to be done.. especially to Hassans fruit juice bar. Nothing quite like it! Perfect for keeping us dosed up with energy for the full week ahead!


Dakhla Kitesurfing Girls Camp


Sara, our amazing resident yoga teacher gave some amazing lessons on the beach in the mornings and the evenings, as well as a few SUP yoga sessions thrown in!




Our exceptional coach, Kari Schibevaag, once again offered all the girls some advanced kitesurf coaching. Working on different tricks each day, we watched everyone have a blast and learn a ton.


Dakhla Kitesurfing Girls Camp


Staying at Dakhla Spirit camp, we all enjoyed our lagoon edge bungalows, traditional breakfasts, delicious fresh fish and oysters.. and the whole experience in general.


Even in the desert we manage to party 🙂 This is the best team ever! Not often we get a photo of our great photographer Svetlana!


Dakhla Kitesurfing Girls Camp


Regular girls weeks are organised in different locations all over the world with Kiteboarding Camps… Follow them to stay updated on the 2015 schedule!


Dakhla Kitesurfing Girls Camp

Have fun, be happy and do more of what you love! Thats all we have to say 🙂


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