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Love Wakeboarding? You HAVE to visit this place!

Whilst scrolling through my instagram feed this winter, there was one place that just kept popping up over and over again… it was as if everyone had chosen to escape their winters and head to the same place…. CWC. Not a person who likes to feel left out, I decided to buy a ticket and go check it out for myself! If you LOVE wakeboarding, then this place must be number one on your list! 4 flights and 52 hours later, I  found myself landing at the little strip that is Naga airport, with CWC wake park viewable just upon landing.

CWC Wakeboarding

Many people choose to take the night bus from Manila to Naga, instead of the short internal flight, but as I was short on time and only here for 12 days, I decided that I didn’t really want to add an extra 10 hours to the 52 I had already completed. But if you are on a budget, go for it, as apparently it’s comfortable and can be better than having to do an over- night stopover in Manila.

CWC include a free shuttle bus from the airport, so land, grab your boardbag from the luggage pile next to the airport exit, 10 minutes in the bus and that’s all there is to it. Choose from a variety of cabins for your accommodation, but the easiest option is the “winter deal” which gives you a standard one bedroom cabin to share, and one week of riding at the cable for 150 dollars. Not a bad deal if you are used to paying high European prices!

CWC Wakeboarding

The cabins are all located around the lake, so just a 5 minute walk gets you to the cable where the restaurant, bar etc is all located. Prices are good, and you will pretty much be able to drink as many Red Horse beers as you want without having to worry to much about your final bar tab! The cable is just as amazing as everyone says it is… even for a rookie like me. February seems to be the busiest month, and for the first week, I encountered a bit of long line at the dock, sometimes taking 30 minutes or so… but luckily this eased up towards the end, when there was hardly anyone left and you could ride as much as you wanted to. Literally you can ride until your body won’t let you ride anymore… then just grab a red horse and retreat to the pool for some well deserved R & R 😉

Your gonna need to rent a bike if you want to get the most out of your trip. There is way more to this place than only wakeboarding, and it seems a shame to not explore and see all the beauty surrounding it! Head to the centre of Naga and check out the people’s market, worth having a little look at! Even if its just for the big smiles and nice moments shared with all the people working there. Also definitely worth the half hour bike ride up to hot springs for some therapeutic warm sulphur springs.

CWC Wakeboarding

If you have a little more time, take a day or two to go and explore the Caramoan Islands. Unfortunately it rained non-stop during our visit there, but its was still breathtakingly beautiful! It’s worth it just for the boat ride, which takes about 2 hours… a perfect opportunity to see all the beauty that the coastline has to offer. Even when it rained on us 24 hours straight, we still made time for swimming in the rain, walks along the shore, and exploring the raw, natural beauty of Caramoan.

Whilst staying at CWC, you’ll probably find you want to move around and explore some other places to eat! The food at the cable is totally fine, but it’s always nice to have a little variety! Our favourite has to be Green Earth, a great vegetarian restaurant on the way to Naga… I’m still dreaming about their spring rolls and club sandwiches!

So maybe now I can understand why everyone chooses Philippines as the ultimate wakeboarding destination… Ive only been back home a week and I’m already planning my return trip. The perfect place to wakeboard, meet awesome people, and explore a country that is rich in culture and happiness! If you get a chance to go and check it out, go for it!

Thanks CWC!

Gemsita xoxo

For more info visit : http://www.cwcwake.com/

CWC Wakeboarding

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