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The Girl’s Guide to Choosing a Wetsuit

The girls guide to choosing a wetsuit

With so many women’s wetsuits on the market now, it’s hard to know where to start… With so many technical aspects to wetsuits these days, it can be as confusing as buying a new car! With GBS stitching, M-Flex quality, Polar lining… what does it all mean anyway?? So don’t fret, that is what we are here for! We have put together a few key points that we at Gemsita think are important when you are selecting a new wetsuit.

1: First things first; Decide your budget. Wetsuit prices can vary so much, from a 350 euros technical winter suit to a 40 euros summer spring suit. Make sure you know how expensive you are willing to go! And don’t be fooled, with wetsuits, you generally get what you pay for. A good quality suit that is to last you through many surf seasons is unfortunately not going to be cheap… but you will be grateful for it when you are in a snug, warm wetsuit during the height of the winter!

mystic women wetsuit

2: Check and compare the neoprene thickness and distribution… are you looking for a 5mm winter wetsuit? Or maybe just a 4/3 wetsuit that will get you through autumn. If you surf in relatively gentle climates, then a full 3/2 wetsuit would be ideal and of course if you are lucky enough to live in the tropics, then perhaps just a 2mm shorty spring suit will do you just fine! One thing is clear, if you like to travel to surf or kite, and also ride at home, you are going to need a full variety of wetsuits to get you though the year! Any good wetsuit should last you at least a couple of seasons, luckily!


3: Make sure you choose the best entry mechanism for you. Do you prefer back zips or chest zips? What works best for you and the sports that you practice? There is a huge variety available these days. Most of it comes down to personal preference. If your wetsuit if for kiting, check how comfortable it will be once you have your harness on, make sure there are no zips or pockets around that area that might cause you discomfort later on.


4: Turn the wetsuits inside out and check the insulation inside. Some suits have heat retaining and water repelling linings.

5: Ask your fellow surf girls what they use and prefer… it’s always good to hear other people advice and opinions!

6: How does it feel on? Super comfy or a little too tight in places? Make sure there is a good seal around the neck, and not too baggy on the lower bag or on the arms. At the same time, make sure it’s not too tight and that you are comfortable with freedom of movement. It’s normal for a wetsuit to feel tight and snug, but you need to be able to move freely.

Glide soul Full tie die wetsuit

Glide Soul Full Wetsuit

7: check the flex of each suit.. they can vary a lot.

8: look for the little details that can make a big difference. Some of these may include:
S-seam coating – a single rubber coating applied over the seams that increase the wetsuits durability
Double neck – Neoprene on the outside and glideskin on the inside to make it softer, comfortable and provide rash protection
PK coated zippers – A coating applied to the zip to create a better water seal.
Back up shield closure – A neoprene back panel that prevents water entering through the neck
Key pockets – this can be a very useful feature!

Billabong Surf Capsule Spring Suit

9: And finally, choose a style and design that you are going to love… We are happy that with our Mystic , Glide soul and Billabong wetsuits available on Gemsita, you don’t have to choose between style and comfort or durability… it’s possible to have it all! Check out all our wetsuits that are currently available with up to 50% off in our sales!

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