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The Girls Guide to Choosing a Surf Bikini

The girls guide to choosing a surf bikini

I remember clearly the first time I properly caught a wave. However, the memory does not stand out clear in my mind for the reasons you might think. Most people remember that feeling fondly, and spend their whole lives building upon it as it becomes the core of their surfing passion. For me however, I remember it clearly because I was on a crowded beach, and was learning to surf in a bikini…. and as I managed to spring up and glide along delightedly, I noticed people in the beach looking my way. (me thinking it was for my outstanding surfing talent) but sadly it had more to do with my bikini, which had clearly not stayed where it was meant to. I basically gave the whole beach a great show as breasts swung around and my bikini top ended up somewhere around my waist. Lesson number 1 – there are Surf bikinis, and REAL surf bikinis. Definitely stick to the latter if you want to avoid an embarrassing bikini malfunction like mine!

Let’s fast forward to about 10 years later, and I here I am, spending my life working on Gemsita – a Surfwear Boutique dedicated to providing Ocean active women with what they need to look great whilst staying active doing all the sports they love. I’d say that these last 10 years have provided me with enough experience to know what I want in a surf bikini, so here are some tips from us to you guys 😉

Movable Triangle Bikini tops? on a surf bikini? no thanks!

Seriously, don’t even consider it. There are just SO many ways that it can go wrong. If you like the triangle shape, stick to a fixed triangle bikini top like the Billabong Fixed Triangle below , so at least you won’t get any nasty surprises!

Billabong Tribe Time Bikini

Billabong Tribe time bikini

Cross-Back is ALWAYS a good idea! 

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. Once you start using a cross-back bikini, you will have a hard time ever going back! The comfort factor and not having to worry about those straps falling off your shoulder the whole time is really life changing! It is really an essential element for any surf bikini! The Jade Bikini top from June Swimwear is a tried and tested classic, available in a variety of colours.

Say NO to KNOTS!

If you will be wearing your surf bikini under your wetsuit, then choose one that has not got ties or knots! Trust me there is nothing more annoying than having a knot push against you the whole time under your wetsuit. If you get a nice top and bottom that are fixed with no ties, you will be grateful for it! We suggest something like the June Swimwear Mia top and the Claire bottom, as they are simple and fitted, no strings or ties in sight!

June Swimwear Mia Top in Ebony

June Swimwear Alicia top

There is nothing wrong with a little booty! 

Seriously, once I got used to wearing a bootykini, I realised how great it was. These are totally tried and tested by June Swimwear, and our friends at the Salty Souls Experience, and I can promise you these girls totally kick-ass on the water and often do it in a June Swimwear Bootykini! So, why not get a great booty tan while you are out shredding? It is designed to stay put, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off, moving around, or un-tying on the sides!

June Swimwear Bootykini

… and finally, if you prefer a fuller bottom, be sure to try the new Cabo bottom from June Swimwear, designed with the help from the girls at the Salty Souls, this one will stay put, keep you covered, and comes with a cute side tie that you can adjust.

June Swimwear Cabo Bottoms

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you get out there, have fun, and that your bikini stays put! Take a look at our full collection of Women’s Surf Bikinis here. 

If you are looking for an amazing Women’s surf experience trip, then we definitely recommend you check out the Salty Souls Experience  for a totally unique experience!

XOXO Gemsita



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