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Why becoming a Mom doesn’t have to kill your passion for boardsports!

I clearly remember the day that little blue line showed up on my pregnancy test… I was 24 years old and not totally sure I was prepared for what I was heading into. I was the first of my group of friends to fall pregnant, and surrounded by people who spent all day in water; surfing, kiting, windsurfing or wakeboarding… there was one comment that seemed to come up time and time again… “Aren’t you going to miss your time in the water?”

To be honest, I hadn’t thought about it too much. I mean, I obviously realised that whilst I was pregnant I was going to be stuck on the beach watching everyone else have all the fun, but I hadn’t really thought much about what would happen after. I guess I assumed baby would be born, and I would just take him to the beach in his push chair and park him up somewhere whilst I went out for a session!

Well, unfortunately it doesn’t really work out that way. Harsh reality hit me and I went a LONG period without getting back into all the sports I love.

If you are one of those girls who are lucky enough to have an amazing partner who will share baby duty and let you get in tons of water time, then good for you girl! Unfortunately, I was not one of them. It took me a good two years before I really got back into kiting…. but just as I started to really enjoy it again, BAM, baby number 2 was headed my way. So add another year to the dry spell, no boardsports, no fun. Life was harsh!

But then, something changed. The kids got a tiny bit older, and I realised that maybe I had been looking at it the wrong way this whole time. I was still thinking of my self as an individual, instead of considering my new family. I realised that if I wanted to continue having  a life full of the sports that I loved, my only option was to get my boys to love the same things I did! So instead of wishing for solo sessions and endless hours on the water by myself, I instead concentrated on getting my little guys to love having their feet on a board as much as I did.

You see, this was a kind of long-term strategy. Hard work in the beginning to eventually get them to fall in love with all kinds of sports. It started with putting them on a board with me, windsurfing on a nice light wind day, and kiting with them also when the conditions were suitable. This brought so much joy to them, they just loved it! We progressed to wake boarding together, until now finally they are old enough to ride alone! My mission was to get these kids on a board as often as I could… and this is now how we spend most of our free time!

These guys are still pretty small, just 6 and 9 years old, but already have a solid foundation in so many sports – snowboarding, skateboarding, wakeboarding, windsurfing… it’s amazing! and best of all it means that many of our sessions can now be enjoyed all together as a family…. so my advice to all the new moms out there is; be patient, and share your passion with your kids! You will see how they will fall in love with all the things you enjoy! Don’t forget though that this is also going to come with a few down sides: You have to spend three times as much money on gear as before, everyone wants a new board, helmet, impact vest or similar each season. Season passes to the snow or cable are EXPENSIVE! You will need a bigger car to fit everyone’s gear. You will fight about who wants to go to the cable/beach/mountain every weekend. You will eventually get sad once your kids start riding way better than you and constantly remind you of this fact. But, all those negatives mean nothing compared to the FUN you will all have. Becoming a Mom doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your passion for boardsports!

XOXO Gemsita




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