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Time for a Kyrgyzstan adventure?

Kyrgyzstan is like a different planet. The sequence of boundless spaces and mighty mountains of the Tian Shan, green valleys and glaciers, red rocks and crystal lakes. This is one of the bastions, where mass tourism has not leaked so far. Wild and beautiful Asia, the place where everything is different. After this journey life will never be the same.

Svetlana Romantsova and Denis Brezhnev are offering an amazing opportunity to discover this incredible area, with treks and photography lessons in one of the most spectacular locations on the planet.

Alayskaya valley

Alayskaya valley

Denis has been organizing trips to different locations all over the world with Perekatin Goru. Over the last two years, he has made over 18 trips involving over 100 people in outdoor activities. His favourite destinations are Scandinavia, Middle East and Central Asia. Since 2012 he has been practicing Rock climbing, mountaneering, hiking and rafting. He studied two years at the mountain school in Vestra, in Moscow, and passed first aid and rescue courses. He will be you guide during this amazing trip.

If you would like more details about visiting this beautiful spot, get in touch with Denis and he can tell you all about it!

Phone: +7 910 422 46 56 (Whats App, Telegram)

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